martes, 12 de julio de 2011

Magnificent Ruffians & Five O' Clock - Wizards Of CA (2011)


01. Intro- Ease On Down
02. Somewhere Over The Rainbow
03. Cyclone
04. The Wicked Witch Is Dead
05. Interlude- Lollypop Guild
06. Munchkin City
07. Follow The Yellow Brick Road
08. If I Only Had A Brain (Five O' Clock's Solo)
09. Interlude- Itch
10. If I Only Had A Heart (Specific's Solo)
11. Were Off To See The Wizard
12. King Of The Forest
13. Interlude- Deminsions
14. If I Only Had Courage (Master Chief's Solo)
15. The Jitterbug
16. Emerald City
17. Interlude- Invasion
18. There's No Place Like Home
19. Dare Not Forget
20. Outro (Click My Heals)


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